Low Cell Numbers

1-100 cells per experiment - suitable for primary, iPS or other rare cell types

Chemical Screening

Various sublibraries from ICCB and FDA approved chemical compounds are available

Robotics Free

No need for pipetting robotics or automation to perform powerful cell screenings

The Droplet Microarray (DMA) Technology:

The Droplet Microarray (DMA) is Aquarray’s patented technology for cell cultivation, ultra high throughput screening (uHTS) and biochemical assay platforms. The DMA delivers the potential of microarray technologies to the field of cell based screening systems. Aquarray opens multiplexing opportunities to research areas all the way from basic research over industrial uHTS to clinical applications.

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AQUARRAY @ Science4Life



  • Perform cell proliferation assays – in 2D and 3D cultures
  • Screen small-molecule chemical libraries – cross-contamination free
  • Work with minimal amounts of cells – i.e. stem cells or biopsy material
  • Save reagents, consumables and money – even pipetting tips
  • Do more screens – wider scope, better statistics
  • Run powerful screens – even without robotics
  • Integrate it in your favorite lab automation workflows and read-out protocols – complies with the ANSI/SLAS standard

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More High-Throughput Screenings, in less time, with less consumables


For Labs

The DMA Chip: A novel robotics-free device for powerful screenings


For Academia

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